Covid-19 created a big economic pattern change during these two months, a lot of companies began this year with a clear plan in their mind that was totally revolutioned, especially business that need direct contact with people such as events, tourism, education etc.

Companies have had the need to find solutions in the digital world that can help them go through this crise and everybody had looking for new solutions during these months.

We have seen the rise of:

  • E-commerce
  • E-learning
  • Food delivery
  • Webinar platforms
  • Digital events
  • Video strategy
  • New websites
  • New mobile apps
  • Video streaming
  • SEO services


Every company that want to actively face this emergency has tried the digital way, this behaviour has brought us to a new kind of competition on the web, where communication is sky-rocked and everyone is trying to catch the customer digital attention.

Giving you some data over 80% of people are using internet more than before Covid-19 and 68% of people of every age is always looking for news on internet, this mean that for business is time to consider internet as the most important selling point.

So why should need a new marketing plan after Covid-19?

The answer is very simple, you need a new one because there is a new reality where you need to sell your products to face a competition that is shifting to internet, where you need new digital technologies to adapt your marketing strategy.

Almost every business is able to sell their products or services on internet, they need a good plan, with the best combination of the digital opportunity that we have seen above, that can create new selling opportunity to their sales representatives.

Would you like to know what could you do?

Ask us a free videocall, with our WhatNow initiative you can talk with us about your business and we can give you our advices to see if you are interested in a new marketing plan for your company.

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