We, all together, live the covid-19 emergency around Switzerland and – actually – all around the globe. As we believe that everyone can help during this crucial time, as  pLAYmARKETING.ch team, we plan a free initiative to support right now swiss entrepreneurs and their companies.

Our profession is manage marketing strategies and the consequent communication plan. This is why we planned our contribution: offer a free 30 minutes videocall to share all our experience in a personal way that fit exactly on your company needs.

It is easy. If you are an entrepreneur, just ask us a Free Videocall, we will proceed in this steps:

  • Share with us your actual market needs..
  • Go through any issue linked to keep in touch with your customers or with the new ones. We check togheter the marketing channels in use.
  • We will provide you free guidelines and suggestion to improve the marketing method in the company.

This call is for whoever is running a business and want to know by an external point of view what can be done, we are not offering a solution but we hope to do something good that can help people through.

If you want to book a call just drop us a line:

info@playmarketing.ch or contact us!


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