Increasing the number of customers (and retaining existing customers) and learning an infallible method to boost revenues are companies’ most sought-after goals.

This is why pLAYmARKETING was born, branded and made up of marketing experts who help enterprises in their strategic as well as operational activities, including marketing consultancy, in-company support and training, and operational marketing services supplied entirely through outsourcing.

pLAYmARKETING provides everything you need for your communication, promotion and selling requirements.

Meet us

Unique Features

We believe in projects that starts with great, original ideas and we guide you in the implementation of smart marketing plan, control through measurable results. and a real customer based orientation.
We will share it with your team!
We have a strong focus in increase the digitalization of all the marketing process. In this way we support.
Together with you, we evaluate the marketing department effectiveness, not only based on profit but also in terms of attitude, employer appeal and brand positioning.
We improve your results!We will share it with your team!
We create in years a strong partnership network to satisfy every marketing needs with the right specialists. This is why we strongly believe in the collaborative economy.

Based on your customers

We take care about your marketing, from the plan, to the implementations and the measurable results. Our Expert Marketing Team become your team.

82 Marketing Offices

checked and upgraded

32 Market Research​

all from a wide, different markets

242 Marketing Plans

10+ years for every specific needs

What they say

“We have a specific needs: how we distrubute role and responsabilities in the marketing department. The assessment provide definetely evolve our marketint team and managers”

“Celebrate the 40 years of our companies in the beginning seems a boring, autocelbrative party. We transform this anniversary in a great success, shared even with the community thorough a Social Responsibilty actions. It was a real success.”
L. P.

“We redefined our marketing strategy based on data and not only our assumptions. This change the effecttive of all our promotions and results as well, link all really to customers’ wishes.”

“We need people like that, ready for unsual marketing projects that involve different technologies, skills and require a strict control of all the processes. We can’t do all in house, and so find a reliable company it’s crucial for us.”
R. T.

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