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Today, thanks to an article of The World Economic Forum (link here), we want to deeply understand the changes that has happened in media habits for each generation and how they influence marketing strategy.

Since lockdown the consumption of media has increased as never before and people are becoming familiar with a lot of digital entertainments that there weren’t in their habits before Covid-19.

As from the article we can subidivide the four categories and marketing strategy changes here:


Gen Z (8-23 Years old): They have increased their search for online video (such as Youtube) for 51% and Online TV streaming for 38%, as we can see if you are targeting this generation is fundamental that you use a video strategy that can involve their curiosity. We know that even before covid-19 this generation was fundamentally attracted by Video, but know we can assume that the possibilities to reach the target are doubled.


Millennials (24-39 Years old): They have increased the consumption of Online video for 44% and Online Tv for 41%, and they seem similar to Gen Z for these data, but they also increased Livestreams 30% (such as webinar, digital events etc..), online press 36% and music streaming 35%. They have developed new habits to use the digital platforms in almost everyway and they are the customers of the present and near future, if you can reach Genz Z with video, they can be reach with all the channels of the digital communication and not only with video. Marketing strategy that has to target them have to consider a full utilisation of all digital channels to give them video, news and personal connection through webinar and digital events.


Gen X (40-54 Years old): Their consumption of Online Tv have grown over 45%, Online TV 38%, Online video 35% and Online press 31%,  their generation is still very influenced by TV and Press communication channels that were used by the generation before them in an analogic way and they are trying to find them on the internet. This is a very imporant generation because in this generation there are a lot of CEO, Directors, etc. This means that if you want to reach this generation your digital strategy contents have to include some elements of Tv and press, even if with video strategy you can reach this generation and the two above.


Boomer (55-75 Years old): This is the most difficult generation to reach through digital channels, even during Covid-19 crise only the consumption of broadcast TV has grown by 42% and they can be reached only with classic tv advertising as digital strategy, it is obviously the generation of the past, the one that was affected by the creation of TV and first mass-media communication and the social change that they had to face is still affecting their behaviour.


Finally, we have seen above how Covid-19 creates a lot of new habits, how they should affect your marketing strategy and also how Video Strategy is becoming the main focus of a company communication to reach all the generations we have seen.


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