On the Playmarketing blog we still talk about demand generation and lead generation. Today, in particular, we focus on the processes to generate new contacts and customers. To do this, we use the support of an interesting article published on the blog.jumplead.com website.

To generate new leads and create interest in the product you sell, you need to offer potential customers interesting content. At this stage, therefore, it is interesting to follow the consumer’s purchase path from start to finish and respond to specific needs. Every customer is different, so before creating ad hoc contents, ask yourself some questions. Here are two indicative examples:

Are new customers or are old customers?
Is the purchase made on impulse or is it reasoned?
Based on these and other variables you can build interesting contents that can lead the customer to the bottom of the funnel.

Top of funnel
The initial phase of acquiring new contacts is also called top of the funnel. This first part is based on the possibility of establishing a first connection with new leads: the goal is to get them interested in your contents. Interest generates traffic to your website / social pages or, perhaps, to a landing page you have created.

Thanks to this first phase you can also understand why the leads are interested in your product. The most suitable contents for the top of funnel phase are the following:

blog articles;
newsletters sent by e-mail;
ebooks and guides.


Middle of the funnel
Here we are at the intermediate part of the process. Your leads know you, they are interested in what you propose: it’s time to start building a relationship of trust between you. To make the lead take an interest in the purchase, it is necessary to find a way to communicate what he needs at the right time. Having even just one email address is the key to profiling offers and alerts based on the lead’s needs.

The contents to push in this second phase are:

tutorials and demonstration videos;
case studies;
technical data sheets that describe the products in detail.


Bottom of the funnel
The bottom of funnel phase is the decisive moment, the one in which leads are informed and only have to decide to buy. Here is the content that can help the process:

reviews of other customers;
follow-up actions.

Make sure you are organized or perhaps have a specific person or small team who is specialized in lead generation and take care of the processes. There is a need to make reports with deadlines and summarize the activities carried out and the objectives achieved.

What do you think of this article? Do you know what lead generation is? If you want to know more, visit our section dedicated to Demand Generation, we will be happy to arrange a free call with you!

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