Why should I start a Lead Generation process?

This week on the Playmarketing blog we talk about lead generation and, in particular, we give you some tips to attract more customers and get more sales. To support us, an article published on blog.jumplead.com Lead generation is the process that allows your company to attract new leads to turn them into customers and consequently get more sales. It is therefore a question of creating a real bond of trust with your new contacts who, if convinced of your value, will remain loyal to your brand.

How to do? Here are 5 tips to better deal with lead generation.

1.Acquire new leads
This first phase is essential for the start of the demand generation process. It is, in fact, to acquire new leads, or new contacts to be included in the funnel. You need to start acquiring contacts by creating content (videos, posts, articles, ebooks, infographics, emails) and sharing them on any channel / platform you have: your website, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. However, you must make sure that you receive some data to contact your leads. Like? Simple: to enjoy some of the content you create, have a registration form filled out. Each new subscriber is a new lead that you can potentially convert into a customer.

2.Take care of your leads
Once you have new leads, you need to take care of them for them to enter the funnel. Prepare automatic response emails, propose offers and trial periods to all acquired leads; in short, make yourself heard so that they do not forget about your company. Converting a lead into a sale is a long process and therefore requires perseverance and patience.

3.Give a score to each lead
Once new leads are acquired, it will be easy to find that they behave differently from each other. To quickly and easily identify leads who will become your customers in the future, it may be useful to assign them a score. A lead with a higher score is the one who, for example, spends more time on your site, or often downloads the material you make available, reads your newsletters: in short, he is an active lead.

It is important to identify potentially interested customers, because it will be less complicated to be able to insert them in the sales funnels.

The sales department also has to take care of the leads
Demand generation is a team activity that must be studied and carried out by both the marketing team and the sales department. While the marketing team takes care of acquiring new leads and “attracting” them to the funnel, it is the sales department’s job to take care of customer loyalty.

Evaluate your lead generation process
Like all strategies implemented by a company, demand generation and lead generation also need to be examined. It is essential, in fact, that the team in charge knows how to read the data regarding the centered leads – but also the missed ones; for this, it is good to study the exact point at which the leads acquired, then, “abandon”. Why this loss of interest? What is it due to, what can be improved? Take advantage of the results, experiment with new content to attract new customers, be curious.

And do you know the advantages and great opportunities of demand generation? Find out more by visiting our dedicated section!

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