Three months ahead of the beginning of Covid19 pandemic emergency, we saw two important changes in the values that customers are looking for in physical reails shops.


Two main attributes have been considered during the last weeks:


  • Hygiene and safety of the enviroment, a lot of shops are now evaluated from visitors, before entering the shop, if they respect common standards. It is very important to let the visitor see from outside how you are running your business with all protection materials necessary to prevent health risk for the clients.
  • IA, IOT and digital assistants, people want the use of technology inside shops that can enpower thier experience, from sample internet pages to IoT devices that can help them through the buyer journey. The most simple example of this are bar and restaurants that have to replace their menù with digital materials that client can looking for through internet to avoid touching same papers as the other, through small devices that can show extra attribute of a product and give suggestions to the customer.


From a consumer research that we have seen results (ref:, people, after Covid-19, will look for 49% to discover again human connections while 51% want an increase on technology utilisation for buyer experience.

But how can I improve my actual customer experience that I offer everyday to my customers?

Shops and retailers can enpower customer experience before and after purchase through digital marketing contents that can increase customers motivation to go phisically in their shops.

It is important to show contents that can let think to customers “It is not the same as buy it online”, maybe underline the assistance value that can we offer together with the product.

We have to evaluate the possibility that the majority of people has discovered how it is comfortable to buy products on internet and that is why retailers should now consider a real digital marketing strategy to stay competitive in the digital world.

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