During this beginning of 2020, purchasing habits have undergone a drastic change in a few months due to the health emergency. To study the new customer journey we can rely on the statistics of the surveys and market research available or we can do our own study.

There are many researches that talk about how the relationship between consumers and companies has changed: being able to place orders and deliveries from online stores has become fundamental for many businesses that previously relied only on visits to physical stores.

Especially in the full lockdown there were peaks of orders that related to tools for home fitness, smart working and food delivery.

Now we are dealing with what the lockdown has left us behind and the slow restart of purchases by consumers. In moments of economic uncertainty, every purchase assessment becomes fundamental and companies must be ready to understand new needs and face the new worries of users.

The surveys are useful for understanding the internal changes, among the customers that we have already acquired, and for evaluating new market possibilities. For example, you need:


To evaluate the planning of the launch of a product;

Modify services;

Analyze the sentiment towards the company;

Profile fans and users;


Another frontier is to use surveys to make lead generation, intercepting the audience that shares our mission and values ​​to increase the perception of closeness between the Brand and the public and, in the meantime, to enrich the database of contacts.

Market research, on the other hand, is directed towards the possibility of acquiring a new audience and evaluating the ideas we have in mind to open up to a new market.

When the company needs to approach an unknown public, it could be dangerous to do so totally in the dark, without knowing habits, insecurities and demographics.

The research is used to understand different aspects of the target market to avoid evaluation errors. To improve the quality of the product, the service or even just understand how to build communication it is essential to start a direct dialogue.

In this case, the acquired data can also be aggregated, as we do not need to know the name, surname and/or email of the subjects involved but obtain a large number of data to carry out a precise analysis that serves to deny or confirm our hypothesis.

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