During these weeks all around the globe countries are facing the Coronavirus situation, a lot of governments has decided to take restrictive measures and all kind of companies are trying their best to adapt their strategy to go through this situation and reduce the damages.

Enterpreuners could feel a lot of different emotions, among them, there are, preoccupation, powerless, anxiety etc. They have to face these feeling and find the opportunity that is hiding behind this crisis for their business and understand the importance of keep communicate and also increase the frequency of communications, internal and external to their companies, to be ready for the future.


Communication is the fuel that keeps the fire of your relationship burning, without it, your relationship goes cold. – William Paisley


You have a relationship with your network of workers and clients and they are feeling your same emotions and they need to hear your voice, if you stop communicate because you think that is not the time for negotiations, promotions, agreements etc., that could be a mistake that can cost you a real  loss in the future.

If you don’t communicate, you will lose part of your network to whom will be willingly to share communications  and reassurce them  the problem will be over soon, in this moment you have to create stronger relationship.


What do I have to communicate?

You have to adapt your communication to the current moment, and for the current moment we mean day after day, you have to keep informed your network of the situation, even if they know that by mass media, it is important you ampliefied the diffusion and branding it, so that they will feel your presence costantly.

Moreover, people that are restricted to stay at home will increase their presence on digital media and all of your digital communications have a larger audience waiting for you to react.


It is clear that not all kind of business will survive to measures taken by countries’ governments, but when the situation will be back to normal, you will find two positions in the market:


a.) Business that have keep communicate and know exactly their customers needs.

b). Business that have stopped communicate and don’t know if they still have their customers and their needs.


Both of them will be in a disperate need of communication to raise selling volume to the level before crisis, but firms in positions a) will know exactly what to do and their network will be more reactive, while b) will have to build their strategy from zero certainties.

So our suggest is to keep and increase your communication during this period and, while we hope that this situation ends, stay connected with your network.

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